Claims Assistance.


We assist and guide you, as the insured party (or policy holder), all the way to A FAIR SETTLEMENT OF YOUR CLAIM. We act ON YOUR BEHALF to PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS not that of your insurer. Our services, where required, are also available to YOUR brokers, accountant and/or your legal adviser. If they are not aware of the services we provide please make them aware thereof.

It could mean the difference between getting paid and not getting paid. 

First contact and advice from us is free. You have nothing to loose so what are you waiting for ...... CALL US TODAY and ensure that you stay on the right track!

We provide HELP and/or How to information on all Household (Domestic) and Business (Commercial) Insurance Claims.

Before reading any further take note of the fact, which many policy holders do not seem to realize, that when an insurer rejects your claim it need not be the end of the road. There could be alternative sources for the recovery of your loss e.g. your broker may have acted in an unprofessional way. Do not just throw in the towel. You may not have to be the loser! Make sure that every possibility is explored.

We provide an independent and comprehensive short term insurance claims assistance service to all short term insurance policy holders and their advisers. This service applies to both personal and commercial short term insurance portfolios. We assist YOU, as a claimant, to ensure that YOU receive a fair and equitable settlement of YOUR submitted insurance claims.

Sure, if you fully understand the procedure, have sufficient insurance knowledge, lots of patience and don't mind waiting, you can choose to opt for the free service of the Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance and/or the Fais Ombudsman. Its your choice but we know what we can do for you! We stand independent of any Insurer, Broker or Short Term Insurance watchdog. Our services are available exclusively to YOU, the Policy Holder. We serve only YOUR interest.

We leave no stone unturned and will investigate all possible sources of recovery of your loss whether this be from your insurer, your broker having acted unprofessionally or from any other responsible third party. We have the knowledge and practical experience that is vital and essential to ensure a successful and equitable conclusion of all insurance claims.

WARNING: Whatever you do don't wait until its to late. Ensure that you obtain independent expert assistance  immediately after the occurrence of a loss. It is of vital importance that you obtain expert assistance immediately when a possible claim occurred and to do so BEFORE discussing it with ANYONE!.  All it takes is an immediate telephone call to us, a call that could save you thousands of Rand. We consider this requirement of such importance that we would seldom consider providing assistance if it has not been complied with. The reason is that failure to comply with terms and conditions contained in insurance policies, most of which policy holders seldom understand or was never explained to them, is often a major contributory cause to a claim turning "sour". With our early assistance via telephone this will be avoided. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK RIGHT FROM THE START!

Independent claims assistance services have been available to policy holders in the USA, UK and European countries for many years. Known there as Public Loss Adjusting or services, it has come to be considered by policy holders in these countries to be a vital and essential service, a service that ensures their maximum recovery of a loss suffered.  

NEVER FORGET that when an insurer rejects your claim it need not be the end of the road. There could be other sources for the recovery of your loss of which, under "certain" circumstances you may not have been advised. Don't be the loser!

Don't allow yourself to be bullied. Take control by calling us NOW!

Call Ben Groenewald, A.C.I.I on 083 266 5494.

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Beware Of Paperless Insurance!

Here is a typical example of what you can expect if you fall for the wonderful BONUS OFFERS and all the amazing and fantastic services that these so-called paperless insurers are offering  the innocent insuring public who they know are not trained to see through their misleading schemes.



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IMPORTANT NOTE:   To obtain a copy of the publication "The Instant Guide to Short Term Insurance" written and published by Ben Groenewald A.C.I.I at only R50,00 just send an email to ben@cscape with your subject as "Instant Guide" or SMS to 0832665494 providing your email address and requesting the "Instant Guide". Upon receipt of your email or SMS you will be contacted and advised of the payment procedure and link for direct downloading. 

This publication is an essential and useful tool to all short term insurance policy holders, students of insurance and new entrants to the insurance industry. It also includes handy annexures covering the following important portfolio management tools:

1. An explanation of common insurance terminology.
2. A check-list for arranging short term insurance.
3. A check-list for handling short term insurance claims.
4. A portfolio control check-list.
5. Important links and contact information.  


Call Ben Groenewald, A.C.I.I on 083 266 5494.

Fax: 086 652 0271


Ben Groenewald

IMPORTANT NOTE: For information on the coming "A-Z Insurance Guide" click here.