This Page is currently under construction. Please BOOKMARK it to enable you to return to it easily and thus ensuring that you do not miss out on Important Announcements and  State of the Art Personal Development material, as also information on self-help natural healing techniques.  Information will also be provided on the availability of unique styled POWER HOUR TRAINING for all interested individuals and groups.

So what does a POWER HOUR TRAINING session entail? As the name indicates it entails a training session limited to a ONE HOUR DURATION rather than an expensive, long drawn out seminar. It is supported with copies of training material such as DVD's and CD's enabling the training participant  to recap over and over as many times as he or she may wish to do so, in their own time and at their own convenience and sharing the information with their children and other family numbers. Children in particular will gain knowledge on vital personal development topics and techniques never taught in our schools. Various POWER HOUR TRAINING sessions, each covering different personal development topics, will be presented enabling interested participants  to choose such training session as they may prefer.

There is no wasted time. Training is effective, to the point and cost effective when compared to full day, and even multi-day drawn out high cost seminars.  With these  POWER HOUR TRAINING sessions, participants will be introduced to the training material of acknowledged international experts.

If you are  interested in also helping others to improve their standard of living, as you will no doubt be in improving  your own, and are able to organize small groups of at least 50 persons to attend a POWER HOUR TRAINING session in your area, please feel free to contact me. Simply send me an email providing your contact information and I will contact you and provide you with further information. Your participation will obviously be rewarded. My contact information appears at the foot of this page.

What most people do not realize is the real truth about the way in which their life paths are governed, and in fact determined, by their sub-conscious mind, their very own built-in personal computer with a storage capacity larger than the storage capacity of the biggest available computer in this World. The truth is that we all have the ability to reprogram our sub-conscious mind IF WE KNEW HOW?

Would you like to know HOW TO RE-PROGRAM YOUR SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND? Your entire family can and will in fact benefit from such knowledge. To acquire this knowledge, and to prove your  real interest, simply send an email message to  ben@cscape.co.za saying “Yes” and I will send you a link where you can download a special free MP3 produced by the World’s number one expert on this subject, but more about this once you have shown your real interest by replying to this message.

I am personally using this product each day and I can assure you that this is an excellent product. One cannot afford not to listen to it. It should be listened to at least once a day. It clears the clutter and the negative mindset that has built-up in one's sub-conscious mind over the years, since childhood, and which now hold people back from making the progress in life which they desire and in fact deserve. This MP3 recording should be shared by the entire family and it is free. So what are you waiting for?

Before you change your LIFE you need to change your MIND and this is best achieved by re-programming your subconscious mind. Stop waiting for others to give you permission ........TAKE ACTION!

Here is a pretty sweet tool to change your limiting belief about money and prosperity, and it's free This Subliminal Brainprint enables you to Listen Your Way To Success Automatically! Naturally Attract Abundance ... http://bit.ly/2nJlvaa

Here are some MORE RESOURCES that I believe would be of great interest to you and your family, particularly so if Personal Growth is of importance to you. For each of the listed items below simply click on the underlined link in blue, wait for it to open and enjoy the content. You are welcome to share this information with your friends and colleagues.

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2.Download Free Brainwave MP3: http://bit.ly/2sbnBVO

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3.Brainprints Webinar Replay: http://bit.ly/2E2nIsu

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4. Brainprints Sample-Prosperity: http://bit.ly/2nJlvaa

Rewrite The BLUEPRINT of Your Brain to Attract More Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity Automatically.

5. Alpha Flight (Free Gift): http://bit.ly/2nGAxOE

This Brainwave Entrainment System Saved THE Life of a Cancer Survivor.
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6. Brainprints Webinar Replay: http://bit.ly/2sbhQaB

Claim your Spot to a Live Webinar.
Learn from Morry Zelcovitch, Brainwave Entrainment Specialist.
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Quantum Confidence with The Morry Method System is specifically designed to remove the ROOT CAUSE of your life problems and frustrations by restoring an adequate self image and supreme self confidence in you.

In this 20mins sample recording , you’re going to experience the power of the most advanced brainwave entrainment technology “The Morry Method”. Just sit back and listen to this relaxing sound track, it will lead you to a state where you can discover your fullest inner potential.

After listening to the recording, you will feel so much better about yourself and so much happier for no reason. That’s the beginning for restoring your adequate self image, and accessing super self confidence: https://qg158.isrefer.com/go/qcl/bengroen/

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